Friday, April 2, 2010

Conner Prairie Easter Party

Coop was too busy opening his eggs to take a picture.
What a great day!
Baylor had so much fun.
Making his bunny basket.
He was trying hard in the egg and spoon race but his egg kept falling off his spoon.
They love to get water from the pump.
Planting some beets.
He is not afraid of any of the animals.
Ride em cowboy!
He wanted to be brave and hold the baby chicks but he thought their feet hurt.

What a beautiful day to head to Conner Prairie. The sky was so pretty and the sun was shining with warm temperatures. The outside portion was open and the boys could not wait to head to the barn. They love the animals. There was a one day old baby lamb, several baby goats, and lots of baby chicks. All season long there will be new additions to the barn. They love to pet, brush, and watch all the animals. I don't think Parker really cared for the barn or the smell though because he was quite fussy. We walked around the prairie and ate lunch outside before heading to class for the Easter party. The boys and I went to class and Mimi stayed outside with Parker. Miss Mary read the class The Golden Egg Book and the boys couldn't wait to tell her we had this book too. We played several egg games and made a cute bunny basket. Peter Cottontail came to class for a visit and danced with the children. Then we headed outside for an egg hunt with the bunny. It was a great day and so much fun!

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