Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Picked with Love

My sweeties with the beautiful flowers.
Parker had a really cute spring outfit on with a cute hat but had a blow out at lunch. Thankfully I had wipes and a sleeper today! Yesterday when he had a blow out the wipes were not in Mimi's van, it was a mess.
Daddy and Baylor made an iphone with the tortilla dough.
We love Daddy!
Ethan was reaching for a chip.
Baylor loves Mr. Ethan!
Mr. Ethan sat in a high chair today like a big boy. We used Tom's jacket to prop him up in the back.
Coop and his big bunny. It was a tough decision.
Baylor picked a soft green bunny. He is so sweet.
What a lovely day it was here with sunny skies and warmer temperatures. The boys have loved spending time outside! Today we met Jenny and Ethan at Hobby Lobby. Mimi bought the boys and Ethan a stuffed bunny for Easter. They were so excited! After shopping we met Tom at Don Pablos for lunch. How fun to be able to eat lunch with Daddy during the day and baby Ethan. After lunch we went to a few more shops. Ethan and Parker were such great little shoppers today. I can't wait for them to play with each other! This evening we spent more time playing outside. Baylor and Cooper picked me a big bouquet of daffodils. They were so proud and could not wait to give them to me. They truly did pick them with LOVE!

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