Saturday, March 6, 2010

Preschool Carnival

His first fish of the day.
Baylor and Mrs. Steele.
He was so proud to have his own fish.
Great golfer.

Stuffed animal walk but they wanted to hop.
He needs to work on his form.

I think he may be cheating, haha!

Baylor's preschool puts on a "Goodbye to Winter" carnival every year. This year it was nice and sunny and a great day for a carnival. Baylor could not wait to go and have fun with his friends and teachers. He loves his school and is already talking about how much he is going to miss it next year and that it is not fair that Cooper will get to go there. I am trying to let him know he will love his new school too. Daddy and Baylor went early to work the skee ball booth and then Cooper and I came after we dropped Parker off with Pop. Both boys were eager to try and win goldfish and we came away with 10! Our fish from last year's carnival just died last week so who knows how long these will last. Two died on the car ride home and we have lost three more so far. We are now down to 5, they are "floating" quickly. The games were lots of fun and perfect for preschool age kids. Cooper loved the golf and Baylor loved the gold fish toss. They both picked some great prizes and we ate lunch too. The teachers put so much work into the carnival and the kids have such a great time! What a fun day!

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