Sunday, March 21, 2010

Papa's Birthday Party

The birthday boy and Parker.
Parker was smiling with Mama.
He snoozed away during lunch.
Sarah was quite popular! Baylor on one side and
Coop on the other!
Parker and the girls.
Adam got Emme out for the boys. The love to see the dog.
Emme was quite happy sitting with Tom.

Today after church we went to Aunt Von's house for lunch to celebrate Papa's birthday. Uncle Jeff cooked swiss steak and noodles with lots of yummy sides. Baylor and Cooper love his chicken and noodles and they both had three helpings! They were fighting over who got to sit by Sarah and they ended up with her in the middle. We had a great time celebrating Papa and how much he means to our family. Happy Birthday Papa!

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d_freestone said...

GREAT pictures the last few days!! I especially like the ones with your family, Uncle Joe, Papa, Aunt Von, and the rest of the crew. The doggies were so darling! They could come visit me ANY time!!