Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Learning the Bob Song

Scoop, Muck, and Dizzy, Rolley too, Lofty and Wendy join the crew.
He was using the chair as a big building the cars were working on. He has a great imagination.
Coop said he was using big muscles to hold Parker. He is getting heavy!
Fighting the giant.
A change of clothes. I am going to put extra clothes in the car for the next time. Both boys got a package of 10 snakes for 1.99 at Tuesday Morning. They were having fun with them before nap.

Cooper has been working on the Bob the Builder theme song. When he plays with the Bob cars he sings the song. It is so cute to hear him and how he changes the words. Luckily his Mommy knows all the words from years of listening to the movies in the car. We worked on it this morning and on colors with the cars. He is so funny though. I would say Dizzy is orange and he would laugh and say "no she's green". If I ask him the colors he knows most of them so we are a step in the right direction. He was also trying to find the giant from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in our house today. He was watching it while Parker and I were doing laundry downstairs. He called for me and wanted me to come see him fight the giant. Well the little stinker had gotten out the Nerf automatic gun that is put up and was shooting it at the door. I didn't think he knew where it was or how to use it but he proved me wrong. He was so proud of himself. They love the toy but I say Daddy has to be home to use it and Parker can not be in the room. Danger! While we are on the subject of Coop you may notice he is wearing a different outfit in the last picture. He was so excited to wear his "Bob" overalls that Miss Anna made today and he was so proud. When we got to Steinmart with Mimi she took Parker and Baylor in and I stayed behind to change Cooper's diaper. I was in for a surprise. He had a huge blowout and it was everywhere. His overalls were covered and it was even in his sock. I didn't have any extra clothes for him but Baylor had an extra coat in the car that I wrapped around him and went in to the store and bought him an outfit. Thankfully there was something in his size that was cute and we bought it and went straight to the restroom. Never a dull moment around here. I really don't know what I would've done if I didn't have Mimi with me! She is a lifesaver!

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