Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Peter Cottontail

Holding on to his pal.
So cute.
Both checking out the bunny's furry hands.
Ethan's trying to get Parker's attention.
Four cute cousins.
Happy Easter!
He fell asleep in his seat as soon as we strapped him in. We had not even left the parking lot yet, he was worn out!

We met Jenny and Ethan at Greenwood Mall today to get all the boys picture with the Easter bunny. Parker and Ethan wore their matching Thumper outfits from Mimi and they looked so cute together. It was so funny watching us getting their picture taken. We were all dancing and jumping around to get Ethan to smile and all the boys to look our way. We were there for quite some time getting lots of different shots but thankfully it was not crowded at all. The big boys came away with lots of suckers and some bunny ears. The pictures turned out so cute and I am so happy to have them. I am so glad Ethan and Parker have each other to grow up with and do fun things together. The boys are crazy about Ethan too. After bunny pictures we ate lunch at Paradise Bakery and did a little shopping. We are so glad we got to spend two days with Jen since she takes over a maternity leave at work next week and has to work four days a week for twelve weeks. We all love spending time with her and Mr. Ethan!

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