Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Surprise 30th Birthday!

I am so blessed to have Andi as my friend.
Cute table decorations, favors, cookies, and yummy food.
What a cute cake.
The table was adorable.
Everything was so good.
What a great group of friends.
I was so shocked!
Great friends.
Look at that face!
Making a wish.
I love all my presents!
I am so glad Mama was there! She said she had a hard time talking to me the past few days. She didn't want to leak the secret.
Sarah is so cute! She is looking so old.
I'm so glad Nicole was there. I can't wait to go to the beach with them this summer.
Thanks Mom for a great memory! I love you.
Ethan was awake and happy during the party.
My cute date for the night.
The little party guests.
Parker had fun at the party. He turned 10 weeks old today. Father time please slow down!

Tonight I thought I was going to a book talk with Mom at the Propylaeum. We were going to have a tea and hear a local author talk about her new book. Tom's dad came to watch the big boys and I took Parker with me. I was a little worried how he would do but mom said we could sit in the back. When we got there I was surprised beyond belief when I looked and saw a table of all my favorite people. Mom had planned a surprise party for my 30th birthday and I had no idea. Everything looked so cute and was so adorable. We had high tea with lots of delicious tea sandwiches and treats. Mom had planned some cute party games that surrounded the year of my birth. One was all about toys from the 80's. I loved cabbage patch dolls, strawberry shortcake, and rainbow bright. We had a tasty cake that was decorated so cute. I also got to open all my presents. Everything was so nice and I love them all. I feel so blessed to have such great family and friends. It was such a fun night and a total surprise. I loved it! Thanks Mom for making my 30th birthday so much fun!


The Gambrel Family said...

I hope you have the BEST birthday! It was so fun to be able to share in the birthday celebration last night!

d_freestone said...

Sounds like a wonderful "Book Talk"! Once again, your creative mother shows everyone how much talent she has! I have a feeling that this is JUST THE BEGINNING of many celebrations to welcome you into your 30th year! Enjoy!

megan elizabeth said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful night! I was so sad that I couldn't be there. Soooo looking forward to seeing you in a few days!