Friday, March 5, 2010

Our Birthday

The cookie cake was a big hit.
What fun!
Cute boys!
He's so funny.
Daddy and Parker.
Mimi and Baylor were coloring together.
Look at that silly grin.

What a great day we had for our birthday. The sun was shining bright and it was warmer outside. For lunch Mimi, the boys and I went to Paradise Bakery. I love their crumbly blue cheese salad and oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookies. We did a little shopping and Mimi let me pick something out for my birthday. I got a new pair of flip flops and a cute decoration for the fireplace. For dinner we all went to P.F. Chang's and had a delicious meal. The boys loved the chicken fried rice and ate tons. They even brought us a birthday dessert and sang to us for our birthday. After dinner we went back to Mimi and Pop's house for presents and cookie cake. The boys were so excited for the Blondie's Cookie cake. They love the cookies! Pop got Mimi a new pink bike with a basket and a bell. How fun! We got Mimi a new jacket, necklace, and tickets to Celtic Woman. Mom and Dad got me some cute new spring clothes, necklaces and a few decorations for the house. Tom got me a great surprise. Mom and I are going on a weekend trip to Savannah Georgia. It is so fun and there is so much to do there. We are going to take Parker with us and Tom will watch the older two boys. It was such a great day and I am thinking 30 feels pretty great so far!

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