Monday, March 15, 2010

Daddy's Work

Eating with Dad.
Busy getting his work done.
Future Streetlinks Employee?
He did wake up when we got home.
Parker thought work was a great place to snooze!

The boys have been so eager to go eat lunch with Daddy at his work. They love going there and think it is so much fun to hang out in Daddy's office. Daddy has been traveling so much lately that it has been hard to get there on a good day. After preschool we headed to work and stopped at "Caco" Bell. When Baylor was younger we would meet Daddy and eat at a restaurant but those days are long gone, they would never give up a lunch in Daddy's office. Since it was a work day we had to be quiet and no ball playing, but they did great. They both did some "work" at Daddy's desk and had a great time. We loved being able to see Daddy during the day!

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