Thursday, March 11, 2010

What We're Reading

He loves to read Bob, Thomas, and Curious George. We have quite a collection of Curious George from my teaching days. One day I think we read 25 in a row!
Baylor likes to read Bob, Clifford, and Wubbzy books. We have started reading Amelia Bedelia too.
Parker likes to read with his brothers. He loves Goodnight Moon and it puts him right to sleep!
I am finishing "The Last Song" on my Kindle. I want to get it finished before the movie comes out. I am also reading "Lift" by Kelly Corrigan and I love it. I just started Beth Moore's new book and can't wait to get in to it more. I finished one of my favorite books of all time a few weeks ago and was so sad when it was over. "Same Kind of Different As Me" by Ron Hall was an amazing book and an awesome story. It makes me want to do more and be a better person.


Nicole said...

Only you can take care of three boys AND read three books at the same time! I just got Beth Moore's new book too. We'll see if I can juggle one boy and one book! Ha!

d_freestone said...

Love the books!!! The boys have some of my favorite books, too! As for the sunshine, is WAS great here, too! Tonight, we have the big rains now, though... The beach is not far off!!