Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Loving the Sun!

We love to be outside!
Pro golfer?
Welcome spring!
It was so muddy so Coop sat on the window. He loved to pet the pig.
This little piggy was three weeks old. The farmer said by 12 weeks old he would weigh 280 pounds.
We love to visit the pig farm.
We had a yummy lunch.
Baylor and Ethan with Jen.

We have been spoiled over the past few days with really warm weather and lots of sun. We have loved getting out and enjoying some fresh air. The signs of spring are such a welcome treat after a long and cold winter. We had quite a busy day today. This morning Baylor went to school and right after both boys got haircuts. We then went with Mimi to meet Jenny and Ethan at the mall. We ate lunch at Paradise Bakery and did some shopping. Ethan did not want to stay in his stroller so Baylor was a big helper and pushed his stroller so Jen could hold Mr. Ethan. Cooper loves to hug Ethan and talk to him. On the way home from the mall we stopped by the pig farm and the farmer called us back and he brought out a baby pig for the boys. He is such a nice man and the boys love to visit the pig farm. Oh the life of boys! Daddy got home from California and was able to come home early and play with the boys outside before dinner. They were so happy to play with their Daddy and were so happy to have him home again.

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