Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Green Day Fun

The bride and groom.
The location for the reception.
What a nice day.
Mom and Megan.
Can you tell Coop loves Ethan.
My little cow.
He was telling me a big story.

Baylor had preschool this morning and his final PDO of the year. He loves being able to stay at school for PDO and eat lunch. We will be in Florida for the April PDO so this was his last one. I am getting really sad that his preschool days are coming to an end, but that is a whole other post for the blog. Today Parker, Cooper and I went with Mimi, Joe and Megan to the Indiana State Museum to work on details for the wedding reception. We saw lots of amazing pictures and neat ideas, it is going to be such a great venue for the reception. Jenny and Ethan met us too which was great. Ethan is so adorable, I could eat him up. After the meeting for the wedding Jenny, Joe, and Megan went to the Lincoln exhibit and looked around. I went in with Parker for a bit too, just trying to keep up on my Lincoln knowledge, ha! We ate lunch and walked out on the canal before leaving to go get B Man at school. It was such a nice sunny day and the canal looked so pretty. Joe and Megan are going to get some great pictures at their wedding, what a great location! When we picked up Baylor from school he wanted to know what we had "smuckered" on the windshield. It was Megan's Garmin we used when going to the florist. Mimi told him it was a leprechaun finder and we were looking for a pot of gold. He loved that and was very busy looking for a little leprechaun on the way home.

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The Gambrel Family said...

Jes I love your skirt! I think I got the same one last weekend- we are so stylish! :)