Tuesday, March 9, 2010

11 Weeks Old

A tisket a tasket Parker you are sitting in your basket!
Daddy and I bought you this outfit at the Disney store in Chicago the weekend we found out you were a boy! Mommy wanted to buy something blue since I knew you were a little boy. We didn't know how blessed we would be to have you! Jesus knew you were the perfect little boy for our family and I am thrilled he chose us to be your Mommy and Daddy!
You make some great faces. You really fill up the space in your bouncy seat now but you still love sitting in it. I take it in the bathroom and you sit there while I take a shower and get ready. I talk to you the whole time if you are awake or I try and be super quiet if you are asleep.
Look how you are filling out your bath tub. You are my little chunky monkey.
I am not sure how much longer you will fit on this scale but I love weighing you each week.

Parker you are 11 weeks old today. Oh how quickly the time is passing us by. You are such a joy and bring so much to our family. You are smiling more and more and love watching your brothers. At 11 weeks you weigh 16 1/2 pounds and are wearing 3-6, 6, and 9 month clothes. Many of your 3-6 month clothes are getting too short. I think you are tall too. You love it when we sing to you and smile at Mommy when I tell you stories. You are quite ticklish too. When I change you and rub your tummy you giggle which is just so cute. This past week you celebrated Mommy's 30th birthday and Mimi's birthday and were quite the party goer. You did great at all the events. You also played outside for the first time with your big brothers. I know they are going to teach you so many things, hopefully all good! You are already quite the sharer and you don't even realize it. Today you let you big brother Cooper borrow one of your diapers when he didn't have one. It was a little tight, but Mommy made it work. You still love it when your brothers hold you. We are still working on the night time sleeping but most nights you only wake up twice and you always go right back to sleep after eating so that is great! Parker you truly are a blessing and I feel so blessed to be your Mommy! I love you little man and am so proud of you!

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