Sunday, March 7, 2010

Family Birthday Party

He wore his birthday outfit.
Baylor and Coop wore this for our birthday too!
So sweet!
Jen held Mr. Parker for a bit.
Poor Katie had strep throat and was not able to come, we missed her!
Andy and Coop.

A cute and tasty cake.
Baylor and Sarah.
The birthday girl.
A group picture was hard today right before this Coop tripped and hit his chin on the fireplace. Luckily it was minor!
My favorite little boys in the whole world!

After church we went to Bravo for lunch with all of our family. We had a great lunch and a nice time with everyone. Baylor was excited to sit by Sarah and color with her. He is turning into quite the artist! Cooper fell asleep in the car and was asleep for the first half of the party, but once he woke up he was happy to see everyone. Parker even was awake for part of the time and got to see his friend Ethan. We had cake and presents too at the restaurant!

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