Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Egg Dying Fun

Ethan was not sure what to do with his egg.
A little spill!
Putting all his eggs in one bowl.

Working hard.

Messy little fingers.

Parker's first time coloring eggs.
Trying to get the perfect color of blue.

Trying hard.

Happy Easter Ethan!
Mimi and Parker!
Great Job Ethan!
Baylor loves Mama!
Jen and Ethan with Mama.
This morning we went to Mimi's house with Jenny and Ethan to dye Easter eggs and make cookies. The boys were so excited and could not wait to get started. Ethan sat in the high chair and dyed some eggs too. He was so funny checking out the egg and then grabbing the bowl of dye. The cookies were delicious and they made little sandwiches with icing and sprinkles. We took Mama a plate of cookies too. There weren't many left because the boys were eating them as we finished! After the Easter fun we went and picked Mama up for lunch. We all went to Steak n Shake and had a yummy lunch on a beautiful sunny day.

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