Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wedding Planning Fun

At the church, what a cute couple.
Potential dress, so cute!
Parker and Uncle Joe hung out on the couch at the bridal store.
Pretty flowers.
What great boys.
We love them!
Can you tell Parker was happy to see Joe and Megan?
He was so excited!
We love having Uncle Joe home!

Uncle Joe and Megan are home for Spring Break and we are all so excited. We love having them home and the boys are thrilled. Oh how they miss their Uncle Joe and ask about him all the time. Cooper is always asking for Meggie too! Over the past two days they have been busy meeting with different people for the wedding and have gotten so much done. Today Tom's dad watched the two big boys and I was able to go to the church, florist, and bridal shop with them. It was so fun to be a part of all the excitement. The florist was great and the flowers are going to be so beautiful! I even tried on a dress at the bridal shop that may be the bridesmaid's dress. It was so pretty! I am so excited for them and loved spending time with Joe, Megan, and Mimi!

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