Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last Day in my 20's!

Getting ready to watch the "moosie".
Mimi and Baylor are ready to watch the show.
Great glasses!
My little man!

Today the sun is shining and it is a little warmer here, hooray! We are so anxious for spring weather and blue skies so we can play outside and burn off some energy. We sure do have lots of energy around here, if only I could zap some from the boys. Today we went with Mimi to the Indiana State Museum. We went to the IMAX theatre to see the Under the Sea movie in 3D. Cooper was so excited to see the "moosie" and get his own bag of popcorn. The boys were so funny in the movie. We sat on the top floor so Parker could stay in the stroller and sleep away. Baylor sat on one side of Parker with Mimi and Coop and I sat on the other. They were both a little nervous during the movie. Baylor kept trying to touch all the ocean animals and was asking Mimi if they were going to get him. Cooper kept asking me if we were in the water. It really is amazing how close the animals seem and that you feel like you are surrounded and in the middle of the ocean. He kept holding my hand and saying don't let them get me. After the sea snake portion of the movie he was ready to take off his glasses because he said they were smaller. He would ask what each creature was and then say "Oh I didn't know that". Thankfully there were only a handful of people in the huge theatre because he was not a quiet movie goer. He wanted to know about everything. Both boys were afraid the great white shark and big whale were going to get them. After the movie we looked around the museum and saw our favorite exhibits. They love the Woolly Mammoth, wolf, and jaguar. They really could be little tour guides. Mimi brought me a present to open in the car for my birthday week. She is so sweet and has made this week so special. It has been a long week with Tom gone since Sunday but he is on his way home now, yeah! We all can't wait to see Daddy. I am so thankful to have him home we all miss him when he is gone. I am excited to celebrate the big 30 tomorrow and love sharing my birthday with my mom. I am ready to see what the next year has in store for me and my precious little ones, who keep me super busy and on my toes!

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mediakath said...

So glad you and your childen enjoy the museum so much! I hope you have a membership, because it seems like you a regular attender; "membership has its benefits" you know :) including FREE visits to more than 300 other museums in the country...