Monday, March 8, 2010

Driveway Fun

Baylor was showing Mama how far he could hit the ball.
Enjoying the sun.
Hi Mimi!
They love to dig.
He was so happy to ride the bikes.

It was warm enough again today to play outside! Hip Hip Hurray is what the Hurst boys had to say. They seriously brought every toy and bike out of the garage and had a grand time. They loved riding their bikes and playing with balls on the driveway. We stayed on the driveway since it was so muddy and I had Parker in the stroller. They were even practicing hitting the ball with the bat. Mimi came over on her new pink bike to play with the boys. She came down the road dinging her bell and they were so excited. Mama also came over to see the boys and watched them play for awhile. Parker had the most fresh air he has ever had so far. He stayed in the stroller and slept and watched his brothers. He was nice and cozy and enjoyed the sunshine. It was so nice to be out on a sunny day.

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