Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Birthday Week Continues

The adults were outnumbered today. These cute boys will be such great friends!
He is a doll and just smiles at his Mommy.

Baylor loves his Mimi! He is excited for her birthday too!

He is a treasure! I love him so much.
At 10 weeks you weigh 16 pounds.
After preschool today Mimi, the boys, and I met Jenny and Ethan at Famous Dave's BBQ for a pre-birthday lunch. Mom and I have been celebrating our birthday all week long and have more fun times ahead for the weekend. We all had a very tasty lunch and enjoyed our time together. Ethan was awake and playing with his toys during lunch. Cooper kept wanting to give Ethan his toys. Baylor wanted to sit by Jenny and Mimi so he would have a good view of Mr. Ethan. Parker slept away during lunch and was quite happy. I had gotten a free birthday dessert coupon and we all enjoyed a wonderful brownie sundae. The boys were very happy! After lunch we went with Jen to the Christmas Tree Shop. She had never been before and we wanted to show here around one of our favorite spots. Baylor was her tour guide and kept asking if she liked the store. He loves it there! Tonight the boys and I worked on filling eggs for our egg hunt. Cooper kept going in the corner to eat more candy. I told them they could pick two pieces but somehow he managed to eat several more. We had to brush his teeth again before bed!

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d_freestone said...

Cooper and his sweet tooth!!! I can just see him nibbling away! It sounds like you and Missy are having a WONDERFUL week of celebrating! Keep enjoying!!!
Happy Day Before Your Birthday!!!