Friday, March 12, 2010

Pretend Carnival

The prize table.
A little croquet, would you like to play?

It only takes 2 tickets!

Ever since Baylor's preschool carnival he has been pretending to have his own carnival. Tonight he set up a prize table with post it notes to display the values. He used a large water bottle and made tickets for the games. Baylor wrote notes to label all the games around the house. He even wrote instructions on how to play the games. Unless you are 5 or Baylor you would not be able to read the notes, but it is awfully cute. He worked so hard and was so proud. Some of the games are soccer kick, egg toss, and croquet. Cooper and Baylor took turns playing the games and then picking their prizes. He had quite the imagination and had so much setting up and playing at his pretend carnival!

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d_freestone said...

Love the carnival! Great job Baylor!!