Sunday, March 20, 2011

Baylor Looses his Second Tooth

A new toothless grin. He had chocolate on his mouth from his sundae:). He had a great time at Mimi and Pop's and was so happy to see Uncle Joe.
His tooth was so tiny.
The tooth fairy had to hurry and find funds since kids do not accept debit cards. The tooth fairy had to go to the Bank of Mimi for some help in the cash department.
Baylor has had a bottom tooth that was loose for a few weeks, but it didn't move too much. At the birthday party it really started to wiggle and he worked and worked on it. He went home with Mimi and Pop to play during nap time after the party and he worked on his tooth the whole time. He was lucky because during nap time he went to the new park across from our neighborhood and flew kites. Poor Coop didn't even know what he missed, but he really needed a nap after playing at the party and church. At dinner Baylor worked on his tooth the whole time. It finally popped right out and he lost his second tooth.

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