Friday, March 4, 2011

Birthday Date Night

We had dinner at Morton's Steakhouse.
They brought me carrot cake for my birthday.
Tom had Creme Brulee.
I had strawberries and ice cream.

It was birthday date night with Tom and I was excited for a fun night. He made all the plans which made it even more special. Mammaw and Pappaw came and watched the boys and they had a great time playing. For dinner we went to Morton's Steakhouse and had a delicious meal. It was so yummy. Tom picked this restaurant because I love their beefsteak tomato salad with blue cheese, it is so wonderful. We had a great time at dinner talking and spending time together. They brought me carrot cake since it was my birthday with a candle. I ate a few bites but not too much because Tom said we were going somewhere else for dessert. We went to Ruth's Chris for dessert and coffee and tea. The front table are great for people watching and it did not disappoint. We have so much fun together and he is truly my best friend. It was a great night and a fun start to my birthday.

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