Monday, March 28, 2011

Rain or Shine

Coop loves to swim. We spent a long time taking underwater pictures. It is much harder than you think!
Park loved the pink watering can. The spiky balls were our big Beach Bizarre treasure purchase.
I told you it was hard and this one I at least got him in the picture.
He is a great swimmer.
Love this face.
He was being a pirate.
Go Baylor!
He was a little unsure about the tunnel at first.
The boys loved looking at all the boats.
We sang a little Elvis music in honor of the King.
They have no idea who Elvis is!
We did more cheers with the coffee mugs.

It rained really really hard Sunday night and was still a little gloomy on Monday morning. We decided to go out for breakfast at the Waffle Stop by the Marina. The big claim to fame of this restaurant is Elvis ate there one time on his way through town. It is a little diner that reminds me of Cafe 52 and we always like to go. We all had a great breakfast and were stuffed. By the time we were done eating the sun was out so we headed to the marina to look at boats and play. The boys loved seeing all of the boats. The playground there is so nice and was lots of fun. It was a perfect day to play outside. After our fun morning we spent the rest of the day at the pool.

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