Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Day at the Museum

Looking good in his safety goggles.
He loves digging but hates the goggles.
Through the eyes of the dinosaur.
Dinosaur fighting with Mimi.
Baylor liked reading books with Mommy.
Parker loves the Dora stuff.
Pirate Cooper.
Parker had so much fun.
Coop's baby Jaguar yell.
Parker was giggling at the balls.
Digging is always fun.
Baylor was so excited because they use these in gym class at school.
A little fitness time with Mimi.
Funny boy.
The finished Transformer.
It's huge! It's the original from the first Transformer movie and came from Paramount, it is now property of the museum and will be a permanent display.
After Mimi picked up Baylor and I picked up Cooper from school we headed to the Children's Museum. When we went to Keystone earlier in the week Cooper was for sure we were at the Children's Museum so Mimi promised we would go later this week. We had a great time and the boys had so much fun. It wasn't busy at all which makes it even better. We went to Dinosphere, Dora and Diego, Scienceworks, and the Carousel. We also spent time watching them construct the huge Transformer that is in the lobby. By the time we left they had finished Bumblebee and he was spinning, it is quite impressive.


Emily said...

Oh my goodness... I'll have to take the girls (and Jason) to see Bumblebee! :-)

The Gambrel Family said...

The transformer is awesome! I didn't realize it was coming to the museum-how neat!!