Monday, March 14, 2011

House Update End of Week 8

I'm going to love all the shelves and the cabinet space.
Tom loves where his new T.V. goes, right in the middle. I was not a fan of this but it's one of the areas I gave in on, he sure is happy.
The legs of the fireplace with go on after painting and the granite goes around the firebox area.
I almost forgot to post about the house for week 8. I feel like this week was the most slow moving of all! The fireplace wall installation took longer than expected and consumed more time. There was lots of spraying, painting, and waiting for paint to dry. While I know progress was made, it seems much smaller this week. We did have to push back the delivery of appliances again because they are not going to be done. We are so ready to have a kitchen back, it's been a long time. I am getting excited because the end is near. I am hoping to be able to move back in by the time we return home from Spring Break. I do love how the fireplace wall turned out though and they are starting to paint it now.

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