Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Frog Prince

After the show. Baylor has so many nice friends.
I was happy that I could go.
Baylor and Mason.
I also watched these three cute girls. I just love Maddy and Lily!
Baylor, Mason, and Jacob.
Baylor and Lily.
Baylor and Maddy. They sit in the same seat, Baylor in the morning and Maddy in the afternoon.
Today was Baylor's final field trip of the year. He went to the Children's Museum to see the play "The Frog Prince". I was happy to be able to go on the trip with him and spend the morning with my big boy. Mimi watched the little boys for me so I could go. I had three boys in my group and they were so good. They had fun on the bus and were so cute to watch. The play was great and had so many funny parts. The kids all enjoyed the play and were entertained the entire time. It was a great trip.

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