Thursday, March 17, 2011

Looking for Leprechauns

Mimi let him hold his own cup of water. He was tickled.
Outside of the Hall of Champions.
Kite flying.
They loved this color sculpture. So many neat things along the canal.
He loves his Mimi.
The outside space at the cafe is so nice. If you haven't eaten there you need to go!
On a hunt for a leprechaun.
Coop thought he saw one go through the fence:).
The water was so green.
Mimi gave him his necklace in the morning and he wore it to school.
It was a little windy by the fountain area.
The canal looked so pretty.
What a fun day.
Group shots are hard.
Baylor Heneghan Hurst!
Today was a beautiful St. Patrick's Day. The weather was delightful and the sun was shining brightly. After school we headed to the Eiteljorg Museum to eat lunch and walk on the canal. The boys were serious about trying to find a leprechaun. We knew that some had been in the area because they turned the water in the canal bright green. Before lunch we walked along the canal and down by the fountain. After our walk we ate lunch at the Eiteljorg and sat outside. We had a table in the sun and it was perfect outside. I love to eat there, it was so tasty. Since it was so nice out we decided to walk the other way after lunch. The boys played and ran around in the grassy areas. There was a man flying a kite and he let the boys try too. They had so much fun and enjoyed our day. If only we had found a leprechaun and a pot of gold!

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