Friday, March 18, 2011

Let's Go Fly A Kite

Baylor said he had a great day.
Coop holding his kite up high.
Mimi helped Coop.
Go Coop!
He was so proud!
Baylor's kite was so high!
What a fun day.
We sang Let's Go Fly A Kite, and used our own kites.
They loved blowing the feathers with their straws.
B accidentally sucked in on his straw and choked himself with his feather, never a dull moment.
He loves class with Miss Mary.
Coop always wants to be right by Miss Mary.
He has been coming to these classes since he was two and this is his last year. Makes this mommy sad that he is growing up and will be in school full time next year:(.
Today we went to a class at Conner Prairie about kites. Both boys have been anxious to fly kites and after being able to try at the canal yesterday they could not wait for today. The weather was a little hit or miss in the morning but by class time it was gorgeous out with a great breeze. In the class the boys made two kites, sang songs, played with streamers, feathers, and straws to make wind, sang songs, and read books. After snack we were able to go outside and try our own kites and use some of Conner Prairie's real kites. Baylor got a big kite right away and got it right up and had it as far as it would go. He did awesome and had so much fun. Coop had fun flying a kite too but his wouldn't stay up as long because he would pull on the string. It was so nice to be outside and we all loved flying the kites. It was perfect kite flying weather.

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