Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Swimmers

He was on a mission to fill this bucket. It was He wanted to catch fish so bad in his net but the water was cold and the waves were big. This summer we will catch some. Park loves to be with B.
We played with a family of three and their littlest shares a birthday with Parker.
Beach Boy!
All sunscreened up!
I like big shovels!
Try out the net.
Working on swimming lessons.
He wanted the kickboard and the pint watering can.
I love this picture!
Swim little fish.
Hi B!

Before we headed to St.Armands for the night.
We love these three little ones so!
We ate dinner at the Columbia and then walked around. We went to Kilwin's and then it started to downpour. Thankfully there was a table inside but we were soaked when we left. Coop wanted a caramel apple.
Baylor and Daddy shared with Parker, he was quite happy!

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