Monday, March 14, 2011

March 14, 2011

Baylor and Pastor Andy.
Pastor Andy led Baylor in the sinner's prayer and he asked Jesus into his heart. He was so cute telling me that Jesus is his forever friend.
Baylor was telling me all about the picture Pastor Andy drew for him.
They went over Rev. 3:20.
Working on his poster at home.
He wrote I Love Jesus and wrote the word SIN and put a big X through it.
While Baylor was in Pastor Andy's office the little brothers were busy playing.
Baylor did get time to play too and he was a big help to Parker.
Parker had a great time.
Today is a day I never want to forget. Today Baylor asked Jesus into his heart. I always want to remember his smile when he told me about asking Jesus into his heart and how sweet of a moment it was. As a parent my greatest desire is to help my boys grow to become men of God and help them grow in their faith and love Jesus with all of their heart. While all the other things we do are fun and special, nothing is as important as your eternal home and making sure you are going to live with Jesus forever. Baylor really loves our church and loves Pastor Andy. I am so happy that he decided to follow Jesus.
Here's a little background information on the day that I want to remember. After school we went to Arby's and got lunch and brought it to church to eat in the cafe before playing in the playland. During lunch we were talking about Jesus and how when you die you want to go to heaven. Baylor went on to say he wanted to go to heaven but not unless Mommy and Daddy went so he didn't want to ask Jesus into his heart yet because he didn't want to go yet. He also said that he didn't want to die on the cross like Jesus. He went to the nursing home with Mimi and Pop yesterday to visit Doris and when he came home he was upset because he thought she was really sick and was going to die. He said he didn't want to die yet and wanted his whole family to stay together. He said he loves Jesus but he loves his family too. We went over some of his questions and then he said he wanted to talk to Pastor Andy. I went with him to find Pastor Andy and he went to his office to talk for a long time. When he came back he told me his good news. Pastor Andy had drawn a picture for him and talked to him about all of his questions. He was so excited to share his good news. Pastor Andy told me when he was sharing with him that all people sin, Baylor was happy to hear that Mommy and Daddy sin too. He also went on to share how there is man on one side and Jesus on the other and the cross helps bride the gap between sin. Baylor said hey I know the Gap, it's at the mall. It was so cute to hear Pastor Andy share that. When we got home Baylor made a poster about Jesus and was excited to call Daddy and Pop. March 14, 2011 is a day I never want to forget because I know that my little Baylor will be in heaven one day!


d_freestone said...

What a WONDERFUL story, Jessie! GO Baylor! I am very proud of you! Asking Jesus into your heart shows how much you love Jesus and are growing up! You are a fortunate young man to have a family that encourages you to be a part of church... Go Mommy, Daddy, Mimi, and Pop!

Brown Family said...

Days like this make your heart swell with pride as a parent. Good job Tom & Jessie you are doing something right. Congrats Baylor, this is a day that you will never forget. Welcome to the eternal family.

Amy said...

Yay for Baylor! What a special day you all will want to treasure forever. And good job to you and Tom for raising your children to know and love the Lord. What a special gift you give them!