Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Children's Museum with Uncle Joe

The boys were cooking for Mimi in the playhouse. BMan on the carousel.
Park loved his ride.
Ethan was all smiles.
Baylor loved having Uncle Joe to help him in Scienceworks .
He was making some great shakes in Egypt.
These boys were very busy.
Parker and Mimi were having some tea.

Park loved playing in the little tent.
He had so much fun in Egypt.
Ethan and Parker love the piggy bank in Dora.
Baylor went around the Incredible Costume exhibit with Uncle Joe.
Coop was busy drawing.
Coop wore a Wonder Woman costume.
Doing a little riding.

Since we rode the bus to the field trip we were able to stay at the museum and Mimi and Uncle Joe met us there with the two little boys. It worked out perfectly and we had a great day. Jenny and Ethan met us too and we all had fun playing together. Our first stop was lunch because the boys were starving. After lunch we did the Incredible Costumes, Dora and Diego, Egypt, Scienceworks, the Carousel area. We had fun playing the entire time! We were so happy that Uncle Joe was able to go too, the boys loved playing with him.

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