Thursday, March 31, 2011

May All Your Days

Can you find our three little clowns? Park loved the circus and the snow cone and cotton candy!
Look at that smile.
To think these are all kids is amazing. There were 140 kids involved. It was great!
Baylor loved it.
Could they be any cuter?
He was dancing to the music.
What a fun night. So glad we were inside because it was pouring outside.
Daddy was giving him a swimming lesson.
A major cannonball.
He loved this boat he bought with his own money from the Beach Bizarre. He was so cute with his wallet.
Getting some air.
He loves the pool.
I love him.
Daddy made breakfast and we ate on the balcony.
What a perfect spot to eat.

Thursday the weather forecast called for rain all day. We didn't know how long we would be able to be outside. The beach was really windy and the waves were huge so we went to the pool in the morning. We swam for several hours and then it started to sprinkle so we left and went to Demetrio's for a late lunch. It still didn't rain but we decided to do a little shopping instead of heading back to the pool since it looked like it could rain any minute. Daddy took the boys to the barber to get a haircut and Parker and I went to Ross, Marshalls, and Old Navy. We all came back for nap time and then got ready for the circus. The Sarasota Sailor Circus puts on a spring show each year and if we are in town we try to go. It is a kids circus with middle and high school students that train all year. They are great and have the high wire, trapeze, rings, and much more. We all had so much fun and were happy to be inside since it was pouring outside.

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