Thursday, March 24, 2011

Let the Adventure Begin

Parker by the time we got to 65. We were all excited for the trip.
He's all packed in there.
He's so cute.
They were pumped for the trip and couldn't wait to leave.
We left around 9:30 pm on our first family driving adventure to Florida. We had planned on leaving earlier but Tom's meeting lasted longer than expected. The car was packed and the boys were showered and in their jammies ready to hit the road. Baylor was so excited for the drive and could not wait to get started on the drive. Cooper didn't really know what to expect but he was excited too. By the time we made it to Beech Grove Coop asked if we were there yet, no honey we are only ten minutes from home. It was just a little bit longer of a drive than that. Parker was asleep before we got to 65 and slept the entire time. We drove all the way to Nashville the first night and stayed at a Marriott. We all slept in and then headed out for our next part of the drive.

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