Sunday, March 13, 2011


Mimi got Baylor a math workbook and brought it to breakfast. He wants to work on school work all the time right now and carries a little notebook to write words and sentences. It is so fun to watch him learn.
Mimi and Park.
Mimi and Coop.
He's getting ready for the beach in just under two weeks. We are driving which is going to be a huge adventure!!!!
This morning we had a hard time getting everyone moving with the time change. We had three sleepy little boys who wanted more time to sleep. We all made it to church and enjoyed the service. Parker went to the nursery again this week and played with Hudson and Paislee, they are so cute together. After church we went to Bob Evans with Mimi and Pop, it was yummy. When we got home Daddy took Coop and BMan outside to play for a little bit. They had fun playing basketball, playing on the swingset and riding the four wheelers. We are all so ready to be outside! We had a great weekend and enjoyed our time together. We are so happy that Daddy is home for the whole week!!!!

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