Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2 Weeks Today

We have this old scale that we use to weigh the boys every week. Aunt Von used it with Sarah and gave it to us when Baylor was born. It is old so we are not sure of its accuracy. We checked it with an eight pound weight and it was accurate.
We put Mister Man on the scale and he weighed 11 pounds! Last week he weighed 9 pounds 13 ounces. Even if it is off a little we know he gained quite a bit in one week.
We played on the floor and kicked around a little bit today.
He was a little fussy today so we tried out the swing.
They were loving on their brother.
He is so cute and protective of his brother.
He is so happy with the train table.
I have not been anywhere for two weeks now. I am starting to feel a Target withdraw. I love
shopping at Target. That bullseye draws me in every single time.

Parker you are two weeks old today! Oh how the time has flown by. We are all so in love with you and can't imagine our lives without you. You are a happy baby most of the time and only cry when you are getting your diaper changed or if you are hungry. You are still not a huge fan of sleeping in your pack n play/bassinet, but you are getting better all the time. You love snoozing in the bouncy seat with the vibration. You are one hungry little guy and want to eat every 2 hours or sooner. When we change your diaper we have to be quick or you end up making a mess all over the changing table. Your big brothers love to hold you and talk to you. Baylor really is a great helper and wants to be there for you all the time.
We love you Parker!

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