Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby It's Cold Outside

Snow Baby
Cooper was calling him Frosty.
He was not a fan of the snowman suit.
Tonight before Daddy got home the boys were busy playing. Here they were playing nutcracker. They were so funny.
With it being so cold we spend all our time upstairs in the game room. Our train table is getting lots of love.
Cooper likes to get every train out and line them up on the table. He is really loving trains right now and makes all the noises while he plays.

It is really cold outside here and I have not even left the house in over a week. However, when the door opens or I get close to a window I can tell just how freezing it really is out. I am already dreaming of sunny days and warm weather. Once Christmas is over I am ready for winter to be over and wishing for nicer weather. How I long to be on the beach! I am anxious to take our new beach baby to see my favorite place. He may be a snow baby today but it won't be long and he will be a beach baby!!!!
*Funny Baylor Quote of the Day:
Daddy can hear they hear you? (Asking Tom while we are watching Jeopardy)
Tom replies No.
Baylor says then why are you repeating what they say? You know it's not nice to repeat.
Baylor was so excited today to go to school and show off his pictures of Parker. Mimi said that he could not get out of the car fast enough and had them in his hand. He wants to keep the prints in his room so he can see him at all times. He really is a sweet sweet big brother. I am also so thankful for Mimi that she was able to take him to school and took the boys out for lunch today. It is such a big help!!!!!

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