Monday, January 18, 2010

Crazy for Dogs

A little Cooper popping out to say Hi!
Pet store is open for business.
He had a great time!
Dr. Cooper Hurst
Having fun.
Making sure all the dogs get shots!
Brushing all the dogs and making them look great.
What a fun day.
Parker did a little puppy sitting.
He also did some snoozing!!!!

Today we had a dog filled day. After a morning of legos we got out the tents and made several stations for all of our stuffed dogs. Baylor told me what he wanted to make and then we hung signs on the tunnels. We had a gym, groomer, pet store, dog hotel, vet's office, and grocery store. Baylor set them up in the perfect order and then assigned different dogs to each station. They both got all their stuffed dogs out and had lots of fun. Cooper spent most of his time in the vet's office and was very busy giving each dog a shot. He even would pretend the dogs were crying and then would hug and kiss them. Baylor worked at each station. He was very good at grooming his dogs and getting them ready for the hotel. Everyone had fun playing and it was a great way to pass the day.


pshadday said...

Those sweet boys need another dog. I will work on that.....

d_freestone said...

Great pix, Jessie. I am sorry that the boys do not have any more doggies. It is apparent they take excellent care of the ones they DO have!