Friday, January 22, 2010

Indiana State Museum

On the big bridge.
Baylor kept calling him the "moolly wammoth".
Inside the Indian house.
You could see what your face would look like with Indian tatoos.
Best pals.
This is hard work.
Muscle Man!!!
Today after preschool we went to the Indiana State Museum with Mimi. After checking the weather for next week we thought we should go today since it is going to be so cold again next week. The State Museum is such a great place to go in the winter and we were the only people in every exhibit. The boys enjoyed looking around the other areas that we never visit during Christmas. They loved seeing all the animals and really liked the Woolly Mammoth. It was nice to be out and have a great day. The boys had fun and enjoyed seeing new things.

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Anonymous said...

So glad that your boys had a good time in the museum. There are always new areas to explore, that's for sure! On May 14 you might bring them back for Major Taylor Fitness Fest, where they can pick up bicycle tips and "Odd Indiana" opens in September. Next year we have an entire show about mammoths and mastodonts "Indiana's Elephant Graveyards" that you'll have to watch for. Enjoy!