Saturday, January 16, 2010

Game Day, Horses, and Visitors

Go Colts!
Cheering on the home team.
Getting ready.
I love those blue eyes.
Getting a chance to sit on Louise.
Great Job B man.
He loved all the horses.
What a great time.
Katie was ready for the game too.
Thanks for coming Mama and Papa.
Parker was checking Mama out.
This was Papa's first time to hold Parker.
The boys love Katie!

What a busy Saturday we had at our house. This morning Katie Collier came over to see Parker and visit the boys. They have been missing her and love when she comes over to watch them. It was great to see her and the boys were happy. After lunch Daddy took Baylor to horseback riding lessons and Cooper was able to go too. It was a little warmer here today and Cooper wanted to "atch bubby ide horses". He was so excited. He was able to visit all the horses in the barn and see all the kitties. Baylor did a great job at lessons today and was happy to see Louise again. Cooper even got to sit on Louise at the end of Baylor's lesson. While they were gone Mama, Papa, and Katie came over for a visit. Parker was happy to see everyone and was a good host while they were here. He let everyone hold him! I even got to go to Target and Hobby Lobby this afternoon!!! How nice to get out again. Tonight we are all cheering on the Colts! Parker is trying hard to be a big Colts fan too! Hopefully they will end up with a victory! Go Colts!

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d_freestone said...

GREAT pictures of everyone! Your grandparents look fabulous! The close up of Cooper, was a good one! Daddy is a good photographer!
Thank you for sharing!