Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Dinosaur Train

He loves trains and dinos!
He was busy knocking over dinos. Thomas is one strong train.
Riding the rails.
Parker sat and watched us play.

Cooper has been feeling icky today so he stayed at home with Parker and I and Mimi took Baylor after school. I have tried my best to keep him far away from Parker and have been cleaning and sanitizing like crazy. I am praying that Parker stays healthy and does not get the bug. I am hoping Cooper feels like himself again soon. He did have a good time playing today though and enjoyed one on one time with his "mama". He loves Dinosaur Train on PBS and wakes up asking to watch it in the morning. I have recorded some episodes on the TV so we can watch it whenever we want. Today we made our own dinosaur train adventure with the dinos and trains. He had fun knocking dinos into trains and giving the little "gummy" dinos rides on the trains. He makes some great dinosaur noises. It kind of made me sad when he was calling them dinosaurs because just a few short months ago he would call them horsies. Oh how fast they grow! Cooper really is a great independent player and has such a great imagination. It was fun to soak him in and spend time with my little two year old. After playing we read several dinosaur books from my teaching collection. He keeps asking to go to the "mooooseum" to see the big dinosaurs. Hopefully we can go again soon!

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