Saturday, January 30, 2010

House of "Pinocchio"

The boys love the umbrellas in their drinks.
He was happy!


He loves the chopsticks.
Snoozing away.
Checking everyone out at dinner.
Feeding the fish before we leave.
After a week where three out of five of our family had tummy issues we definitely needed a night out. Everyone was better and ready to eat! Baylor and Cooper both love House of Tokoyo, boys after their daddy for sure, and eat great there. Cooper calls it "House of Pinocchio" and always asks to eat there. They love chicken terriyaki. Baylor took Liberty Bear there last year and wanted to take him again. Even though it always takes longer to eat there they always do great with the "cheffer" cooking at the table. This was our first dinner out as a family of five and it went great. Parker slept all during dinner and woke up when I was finished and ate before we left. He was an angel baby! We had a really great dinner and a nice time as a family of five!!!

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