Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Playdoh, Pals, and Phones

He watched the big boys play playdoh. I know he will want to join in the fun next year.
Great Job Baylor, now we are on to the address. He has it except for the zip code, lots of numbers to remember.
Having fun together.
He made an elephant.
Lots of colors!

Last night Baylor spent the night with Mimi since Pop was at the hospital. He was happy to go and stay with his pal. Mimi took Baylor to school this morning and then went to pick up Pop to come home. He is feeling good and has been resting all day. We are so happy he is home. Baylor has been working on his phone number and had to say it at school today. He was worried about it and kept leaving the area code out. As soon as he got to school he ran to his teacher to say his phone number and he did it! He was so proud. When he got home from school today Baylor and Cooper played playdoh together for a long time. Cooper was waiting for his pal to get home so they could play together. He sure does love his bubby!


d_freestone said...

Congratulations Baylor! Learning your telephone number is so very important! It was good news to hear the Pop came home from the hospital, today! Thank you for sharing and keeping us up to date, Jessie!

pshadday said...

So proud of Baylor, now on to the address!!