Friday, January 8, 2010

Making Daddy Proud

We were watching the squirrels play in the snow before school.
He wanted to hold baby Parker.
So sweet!
What a big baby doll.
Loving the pink! He will love this picture when he gets older.
He was rocking his baby and singing to her before nap. Doesn't it look peaceful for baby?

Baylor had a two hour delay for preschool this morning because of the snow. Mimi took him to school and then took both boys to lunch and Target afterwards. They were very busy checking out all the sales at Target. Both boys came home with new baby dolls. They are really into all things baby right now and wanted a baby of their own. Baylor has wanted to change his baby about fifteen times already using Parker's diapers. Cooper carries his by the foot and lays her in the train table drawer while he plays. Let's just say he's not quite ready to be a daddy. I am sure their Daddy will love their new "boy" dolls.


Jen F. said...

Too cute! I'm sure your boys make great "daddies" to their babies. And I hope Tom realizes they are just practicing to be great dads like him :o)

d_freestone said...

LOVED the picture of Mama and
Parker. She looks wonderful! Yes, it would be sad to have Uncle Joe go back to school. He has so many new opportunities awaiting him... The boys and their babies were a riot!! They have a lot of practicing to go! :-D Thank you for sharing your precious photographs with all of us. I am wondering, though, what photographs did you choose from the Christmas pictures you had taken, of the boys??