Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cute Cousins

He is always happy to be held.
Ethan was not too sure of this baby who was screaming at him.
The deedee helped Parker hang out nicely with Ethan.
Ethan made a yellow penguin.
The boys played for a long time and made lots of things for Jen.

We were excited to have Jenny and Ethan come over to play and visit today. The boys love Ethan and were excited to see Jen too. They both want her to play with them and try out all their toys. We played play doh, trains, and legos. Ethan even tried out the play doh and held a few legos. He is such a happy guy and always smiles at the boys. Cooper loves talking to him and calls him mister too. Parker still isn't too sure of his play dates but we will keep working on it. We sure do love Ethan and are so happy to have him come and play!

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