Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baylor and Liberty Bear

Liberty Bear likes to make cookies.
Working on homework.
Liberty Bear likes Parker too.
Can you find Liberty Bear? He was cheering Baylor on during Wii time.
All tucked in.
He even got his own chair at dinner.
He likes these cute brothers.
Working on flash cards. He is one smart bear.
Snack time!

At Baylor's preschool the children take turns bringing home the class bear, Liberty Bear. On Wednesday Baylor brought home Liberty and he was so excited. Liberty Bear had a bath before coming to our house to make sure he was nice and clean. Baylor has been loving on Liberty and doing lots of fun things with him. He has not let him out of his sight. They have played, made cookies, colored, worked on school work, played Wii, read books, and much more.

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d_freestone said...

Liberty Bear is darling! Oma Jane would love him!! Looks like a great time!! The cake on your dining room table is beautiful!! Is there a special occasion?? I thought of you all, today, as I took my students to the Kalamazoo Valley Museum and Planetarium. There was lots of fun things to do and a great place for young people, like your boys....