Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Baylor loved having Jen help.
The boys were busy playing with bendaroos the whole time.
Cooper was not a fan of the camera today.
He made Jesus in the boat with his disciples.
Baylor loved holding Ethan.
Still not sure what these two think of each other.
Parker was more interested in catching some zzzz's.
Ethan was so happy and all smiles.
Before Jen and Ethan came the boys played in Baylor's room. He thinks he has so much room with his tree down. They were looking for animals. Yesterday Baylor had Cooper convinced there was a buffalo in the yard.

I am so thankful that things went well with Pop today. He did end up needing one stint but they were able to put it in without any problems. One of his old stints was blocked but new blood vessels had grown to accommodate blood flow. He will have to spend the night tonight and will be released some time tomorrow. I am so happy that things went well. I was also so thankful that Jenny and Ethan came to stay with us today to help pass the time. I wanted to be at the hospital but could not leave Parker for the day or take him there. It was so nice to have her come and stay so we were not alone. She even brought Subway for lunch which was a big hit with the boys. It made the day much better to have her here. Thanks Jen!

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d_freestone said...

That IS good news about "Pops"! congratulations! Thank you for sharing your news with us!