Saturday, January 2, 2010

Snow Cute

What a cutie!
He was really tired during the day. It could be because he was up lots at night!
Pals after bath time.
Checking out Parker. He was not happy about being naked but had made a huge mess on the changing table that needed cleaned before his jammies could be put on for the night.
The little brothers.

We tried to stay nice and warm inside today since it is freezing out. Daddy and the boys went out to find candy hearts and for lunch. Baylor has been on a mission to get candy hearts since he bought a Valentine bowl with Mimi. We had fun playing games and enjoying our time as a family of five. I must say Mommy and Daddy are pretty tired, but we are loving being with our three little boys. They truly bring us so much joy.

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pshadday said...

Love those little boys. They are so precious and a blessing. God is good!