Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year 2010

We got lots of new vehicles from Cars and a play mat of Radiator Springs.
Crazy hair Coop was busy playing with his Buzz and Woody.
Parker slept during play time.
Baylor was taking care of his horses.
He is getting really good at bowling and boxing.
What a fun game!
Today we spent New Year's Day playing at home and spending time together. We all watched the Rose Parade and had fun getting out new toys and playing as a family. Daddy and the boys went out to lunch and to the grocery. Parker and I stayed warm and cozy at home. It was so cold here today. Tonight the boys have had fun playing the Wii with Daddy and Whac a Mole.
When thinking about a new year I always like to think of resolutions and things I can work on for the year. We talked about this as a family and here is our list. Let's hope we can accomplish some of these.

Get Healthy
Pray More
Have a successful year at work.
Spend more quality time with my family.
Do another Bible study.
Find some way to volunteer and use my talents at church.
Spend time with the boys individually.
Read more.
Work on coloring.
Work on printing.
Start to read.
Listen better.
Ride bike without training wheels.
Building towers.
Playing with cars.
Being nice to my brothers, no pinching or biting.
Continue to sleep in own bed and also at nap time.
Get on a great schedule.

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