Sunday, January 3, 2010

Family Picture

It is hard to get everyone to look at the same time.
I think this was the best one.
Mimi has a Christmas sweater that each boy wore on their first Christmas. Parker's is a snowman so he can wear it all winter. He looks really cute in it.
He really is such a good big brother.
Such handsome boys.
He's still not a fan of bath time.
Last pictures of his little cord.
Look at that big tummy!
This morning Mimi and Pop picked the boys up for church. They were excited to go and happy that Uncle Joe was going too. Tom and I rested a little extra this morning after Mr. Man was up from 3-6 am. I think he may have his days and nights switched since he has slept almost the entire day. Tom and I gave Parker a bath this morning and while I was changing him before bath his umbilical cord fell off. I knew it would be soon and was glad I took pictures last night. I am always a little sad when it falls off and I have saved all the boys. It truly is such a miracle when you think this is their life line in the womb. Every year since Tom and I have started dating we take a Christmas picture to remember that year. We had not gotten one of our family of five yet so when everyone returned from church Pop took our picture. I wanted to get it before we take our tree down this week. I think this is latest our tree has ever still been up. I did get all the other decorations taken down today and the boys helped carry them all up. We are definitely making progress. Tonight Mimi, Pop, and Uncle Joe are coming over with dinner and we are going to spend time with them. Baylor starts back to school tomorrow. I can't believe how fast Christmas break has gone and all that has happened since his last day of preschool!


The Gambrel Family said...

I love your family picture, Jes you look great!! The boys look so handsome too!

d_freestone said...

Thank you, Jessie, for sharing your Holiday Pictures. You ALL look great! Happy New Year! May this year be one of great health, happiness, lots of love and laughter.

pshadday said...

What a darling family.. Love to all.