Thursday, January 14, 2010

Another Day at Home

My littlest valentine
My name is Cooper.
He did a great job.
He loves crafts!
He also ate a sucker and it was all over his face.

The boys and I had a busy day at home again today. They helped me with laundry and putting toys away this morning. Then we worked on valentines and heart crafts. Baylor had to do his valentines for school. He picked Toy Story valentines and worked hard writing his name. Cooper worked on his valentines too. He was busy writing his "name" with crayons. The foam hearts were a big hit and we went through a whole box of foam stickers. Baylor made several crafts for Pop and thought they would help him get better quickly. We also worked on some crafts the boys got for Christmas. Working hard together really helped pass the time and the boys had fun.

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